Introducing the SuperBall™ Meniscal Repair System

The SuperBall™ is an all-inside, all-suture, knotless meniscal repair device that replaces hard polymer implants with soft flexible suture bundles. The SuperBall’s unique tensioning mechanism enables surgeons to have complete control of the repair, mimicking Inside-Out tensioning of the meniscus. It’s proprietary repair suture mesh lays flat, protecting the repaired meniscus and the articulating cartilage, while the SuperBall™ extracapsular fixation secures the repair and leaves no knots in the joint space.

“A game changing product to help surgeons treat meniscal tears”

The SuperBall has 20% less pullout and product failure compared to other meniscal devices. Wasted implants cost the hospitals thousands of dollars annually. The average meniscal repair requires 2.5 implants and using the SuperBall could save 25 minutes of surgical time. This All Suture knotless device leave no PEEK implants in the joint and allows the surgeon to tension the meniscus back to the capsule. The proprietary mesh suture lays flat on the meniscus and prevents cutting through the tissue.

Anatomic Tensioning System

Mimics Inside-Out reduction of the meniscus

Low-Profile Integrated Adjustable Depth Limiter

Secure and reliable access to the repair site

Ergonomic Handle Design

Audible and tactile feedback provides surgeons with better control / Hybrid Trigger Mechanism with push or pull triggers

Low-Profile Crescent Needle Design

Tissue spearing needle insertion avoids punching holes in the meniscus

Features & Benefits

UHMWPE Suture Bundles

Soft but strong fixation replacing hard polymer PEEK implants

Proprietary Repair Suture Mesh

Soft flexible polyester repair suture mesh lays flat protecting the meniscus and articulating cartilage


SuperBall™ extracapsular locking mechanism leaves no knots in the joint space

Safe and Reliable

Minimizes intra-op implant pull-outs / Active deployment of suture bundles

SuperBall Documents

Surgical Technique

Instructions (IFU)

Clinical Study