A Very Brief History of Regenerative Medicine

The NIH defines regenerative medicine as stem cells and other technologies, such as engineered biomaterials and gene editing, to repair or replace damaged cells, tissues, or organs. The term “regenerative medicine” was first used in a 1992 academic paper in the context of technologies that would impact hospitals, but the concept reaches back further. And if you’re a salamander, which you probably aren’t if you’re reading this, regeneration is just a fact of tail life. Fun fact for humans, though:  we actually have the ability to regenerate a severed fingertip [...]

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An Intro to Amnion

You might have heard “amnion” in the same sentence as “pregnancy” or even “regenerative medicine.” What’s the connection? During pregnancy, an embryo is protected by the placenta, which consists of two membranes. Amnion, short for amniotic membrane, is the innermost membrane. (Chorion is the outer membrane). Thin and tough, the placenta fills with amniotic fluid and expands as the fetus develops. Amnion has properties that lend itself to wound-healing and tissue repair. Although we associate regenerative medicine with recent decades, amnion has actually been used in the medical field for [...]

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The Genesis Biologics Difference — How We Surpass Your Expectations

Since 2009, Genesis Biologics has operated as a trusted resource to the hospitals, doctors, and communities we serve. Our products are integral in bringing people back to a state of well-being, wholeness, and capability. We are committed to excellent customer service in providing safe, clinically effective allograft tissue and regenerative products using the latest technology in tissue banking. While doing so, we deeply honor and respect the wonderful altruistic gifts from donors and their families that make this all possible. We work diligently with our source facilities to develop new [...]

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